Saturday, August 17, 2013

# Mısır: Müslüman Kardeşler için Türkiye'ye destek yönünde Mısır halkının öfke

Egyptian people anger towards Turkey support for muslim Brotherhood
 Egyptian people anger towards Turkey support for muslim Brotherhood  

#Egypt : resentment towards Turkish support for muslim Brotherhood  

America and Germany - Bloody Brotherhood fuels Terrorism against Egyption people

Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood

the Muslim Brotherhood, a secret organization that Erdogan and his team have always been affiliated to, despite their denials

Qatar—the financier of the Muslim Brotherhood

Although the Brotherhood flaunts its hatred for the American way of life, it thrives under the protective wing of the Anglo-Americans (UK, USA, Israel) who have always been able to use its violence against those who resisted them
Unmasking the Muslim Brotherhood: Syria, Egypt, and Beyond

Egypt Rejects Obama Supported Muslim Brotherhood

OBAMA and Angela Merkel SUPPORTS TERRORISM against Egyption people
America and Germany - State Sponsors of Terrorism against Egyption people